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Thursday 4 June 2009

West St Revamp gets under way

The West St £400,000 revamp got under way at last today. It should have started weeks ago but was put back to 1st June but even then nothing happened. But round the back of the shops in West St the new car park is taking shape be it very slowly. There are 3 areas behind the paper shop/ bookies were there is wast ground that is to be made into car parks.

There are loads of car parks all along West St you see them used every day, there is the pavement outside the Late shop, the pavement outside the Post office and loads of pavements all down the road were idle gets park their cars as its to far to walk for them from around the corner in the car park. They would sooner park on the pavement than walk a few yards. I cant see the car parks being used as people will still park on the pavements which is the reason they are in such a state in the first place.

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