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Tuesday 23 June 2009

Burglary warning

Please be aware that there were two distraction burglaries - 1 in Crewe & 1 in Nantwich - on Friday 19th June 2009.

In both cases two males approached properties with an elderly occupant and claimed that they needed to check the taps. In each instance the men also mentioned putting blue dye into the water as part of a test. Male 1 is described as being 5'2" with short, blonde, scruffy hair, light clothes and a slim build. Male 2 is described as being 6'3" with short, brown hair, late 20's, dark blue t-shirt / trousers and a large build.

In Nantwich, in the St Mary's Road area of the town, they stated that they were working on the neighbour's boiler and needed to check the occupants taps.

In Crewe, in the Smallman Road area of the town, they stated that there had been a water leak and needed to check the occupants taps.

Please make your neighbours aware of these incidents and the details provided about their MO and descriptions. It is particularly important to warn any elderly or more vulnerable neighbours/family members about this as unfortunately it is often properties with elderly residents that are approached. If anyone witnesses any suspicious behaviour or believe that they have been approached by the above individuals please contact the police via 0845 458 0000 immediately.

Remember, you are never obligated to allow entry into your property if you do not feel comfortable doing so, if in any doubt keep them out! If people claim to be from official companies such as gas / water firms then you can ask them to make an appointment in writing (so someone can be with you if elderly/vulnerable) or can keep them outside until you have chance to ring up the firm they claim to be from and check their credentials/story. However, many such companies now operate a 'password' scheme where residents can pre arrange a password that anyone from the company will state when calling so it is worthwhile enquiring with your provider if they operate this service.

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