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Sunday 10 May 2009

What Tipkinder Could be like

Firstly good news Andrew Knowles has taken a great interest in the project and is meeting with us at Tipkinder this week to see for himself what can be done also Dorothy Flude is taking a great interest in the project so its all good news. Andrew is attending the area on Friday so if you have an interest in the area and wish to express your views of Tipkinder email me ASAP and we can arrange for your input

To get an idea of what could be done I walked over the road from Tipkinder down over the golf coarse to the other woodland area that goes down as far as the Rising Sun. It does show what can be achieved. The first thing that hits you is people have dumped rubbish in the stream spoiling it for everyone (another job for Caroline) but you all ways get that.

They have even got a map of the area showing points of interest and wild life so you know what to look for.

Its well managed with proper paths and even seats for people to have a sit down

Like Tipkinder it follows the stream and is a lovely walk with new bridges with a woodland area and several paths going off in all directions

It hits the right balance of being well kept and walkable but keeping the right balance with wild life and nature. So with this path you could start at the Rising Sun and walk all the way to town via Tipkinder and Valley Park barley touching a street.

If you havent walk this area I suggest you take a look as you are missing out on a real treat. Lets hope we can get Tipkinder up to the same standard. Why isn't Crewe publicizing this its a great asset and deserves more publicity

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