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Thursday 14 May 2009

British Heart Foundation New Shop

The new Heart shop next to Asda is well under way and should be open soon. Its a very big shop to fill but its going to be for furniture and electrical goods. They still have the smaller shop around the corner. Crewe and many other places seem to have more charity shops than anything else. Charity shops are becoming big business and seem to flourish were normal shops fail. As they get their goods free they must be able make a profit.

There is a new twist to the tale as people over 16 who are out of work must now go on a coarse for 6 months for which they get £15 a week. As part of the coarse they are supposed to be helped into work with work experience. What is happening now is every charity shop is taking these kids on for free. Yes they do get some experience of work but it most cases its very menial.

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