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Thursday 7 May 2009

The Fair Comes To Town

The fair has arrived at Tipkinder until Sunday with rides at £1 each. Its such a small fair that 30 mins or less is all it takes to go on all the rides. It is on the top of the field not the bottom part as it normally is. This annoys everyone living near by with the noise and people

Once again the fair plugs LIVE 240Volt cables into the skate park mains and runs these cables to there site. The cables should be armored and should be buried so there is no trip hazard. But once again they use normal cable and its just draped across the grass were children play by the skate park. The cable goes across to footpaths used to enter the park. This happens every time the fair comes but the council fail to take any action on a H&S issue that is until someone is killed

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