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Tuesday 17 March 2009

Sponsorship needed now

Jody Mullock

Message from Jody Mullock
I know that some people may have have given a lot to comic relief and think this is too close to that Friday's fundraising; but I am going further than the celebs trekked, it will take me longer and it will be colder - and it is all for a local Crewe charity that is run by volunteers. That has to be worth a couple of pounds doesn't it?

Jody Mullock am doing this to raise the awareness and help fundraise for a local charity based in the Crewe called Castaways. She has personally chosen this charity as I have witnessed the vast amount of work they do in the most deprived areas of our community. Castaways is run by volunteers, therefore if you decide to contribute you know your money is not going to pay huge wage bills – it all goes where it is needed. The charity itself has faced some setbacks, you may recall reading in the paper last year that their shop on West Street was flooded. She hopes that my fundraising will pay for some of the repair work left and with the rest of the money they intend to purchase a defibrillator (and have a member of staff trained to use it), making the area safer for us all. There has been occasions in Crewe where ambulance have not reached people in time when they have had a heart attack, every second counts and having a defibrillator in a local shop with town centre radio could really be a life saver. The system already works in many towns around the country and reports certainly suggest an improvement in survival rates.

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