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Thursday 26 March 2009

Clean up Crewe 4 Spring

This Blog and also Crewe Blog often get complaints about the rubbish in Crewe and the mess every where so we decided to have a clean Crewe for Spring campaign to get people to report rubbish either to Streetwise Free on 0800 387491 or send pictures in to the blog and we will report it.

We can then report back on when its cleaned up. Normally if you give Streetwise a call they will move rubbish within 24 hours so there is no need for all the mess in Crewe. We wouldn't need to report it if people didnt dump it in the first place.

A quick trip around the West End and I found all the rubbish dumped behind Frank Web next to the power station and someone has gone to town with everything from a tent to TV and smelly nappies.

Goulden St has just had a make over and all the pavements have been tarmacked and it looks posh that is until you see you cant walk down the street as there are 10 bags of rubbish dumped on the foot path and no its not rubbish day.

Get out with your cameras and let us have you snaps of rubbish dont forget to say exactly were it is so we can get it removed. Good hunting

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