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Saturday 28 March 2009

Clean Crewe Caroline is on the case

Caroline Yoxall Cleansing Supervisor Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council is backing our campaign to clean up Crewe and she is going to get any reported rubbish sorted normally within 24 hours. So you need to send in those reports so we can get Crewe Tidy.

More pictures of rubbish coming in with a picture of the bridge in Mill St which seems to be used a meeting point for drinks parties as the whole area is covered in glass and broken bottles,

The picture below shows a part of the problem. As you can see there is everything in this pile of rubbish at the rear of Minshull New RD. As the council charge to remove settees etc people cant afford it or wont pay it so they just dump it instead. We are onto our councilors trying to get this charge lifted when the new council takes over next week as we think this will solve a lot of the problems.

We want to implemented the old idea put forward by the council but never implemented that is to have volunteer rubbish wardens. All they do is keep an eye on their local area and if they see any rubbish they report it FREE. This would save a lot of money and cost nothing to startup. The problem is rubbish gets dumped often in bags and if its moved quickly it only takes a short time to remove but if its left a few days dogs get into the rubbish and its then everywhere doubling the time to recover it. To get things started the Home Watch could be asked to help as they have people all over Crewe who keep their eye on the local area and could easily report rubbish.

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