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Tuesday 15 June 2021

Could You Spot A Scammer - Please Feedback Your Experiences

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Could You Spot A Scammer - Please Feedback Your Experiences

Good evening,
What makes a good scam/scammer? (Find out to avoid these circumstances where possible!)
A caller may pretend to know information about you, and they may also use leading questions to gain more information from you.
They may appear overly helpful and this may lead to you feeling that they are trustworthy.
Scammers often gain your telephone number or email through other scam artists and this can result in them sounding familiar, for example when they call addressing you with your first name.
A good scammer may pretend to know your interests and again this can allow the situation to be more believable.
We just hope that this message, this evening makes at least one person think twice before they give out any private information and fall victim to a scam.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,
PCSO Lizzie Jolley 22582
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Lizzie Jolley (Police, PCSO, Crewe PCSO Haslington & Rural Villages in Cheshire East)

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