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Sunday 17 May 2020

What You See and Hear Can Help Us To Make Our Local Area Safer

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Cheshire Constabulary

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Intelligence - What You See and Hear Can Help Us To Make Our Local Area Safer - Read More To Find Out What How You Can Help

Good morning,
I hope that you are well.
With most of you are spending more time at home than normal, therefore we are asking that you let us know if anything is out of the ordinary. After all, you know your area best.
We often get asked what kind things do we want to know, so we thought that it would be useful to let you know the kinds of things that we submit as intelligence.
Suspicious circumstances :- Is there something that just doesn't seem right. if this is the case, in most cases that's because something isn't right.
Speeding/vehicle crime/dangerous driving -
*This could be witnessing a vehicle drive causing alarm, distress and harassment
*This could also be somebody trying door handles of vehicles or looking into vehicles windows
*A belief that false registration plates are being used and/or sightings of them being put on/taken off.
Home security/Suspicious callers -
*This may be people looking into peoples windows
*Trying handles
*Suspicious door to door sales
*Phone call which seem pushy and intrusive.
Anti-social behaviour -
*Graffiti in the local area, anti-social driving, sightings of criminal damage.
Drugs -
*Drug dealing
*Snap Bags on the floor (clear sealed bags, may have a picture on the bag.)
* Regular visits to someone's house or collections being witnessed.
*A strong smell of what is believed to be a drug.
*Have you seen or spoken to somebody has said that they are selling drugs. (Your details and information will be kept anonymous)
*Use of drugs
Weapons -
*Are you aware of somebody carrying a weapon on their person?
*Have you seen weapons stored outside?
General information -
*For when something doesn't seem right, please get as many details as possible, for example, age, sex, clothing, vehicle details.
Child concerns -
*You may be worried about the welfare of a child due to having reason to believe that who they they are living with is putting them at risk. (If there is any immediate danger, please always call 999)
Wildlife -
*Anything concerning wildlife can be passed on to our Cheshire Police Wildlife team.
Intelligence could be in some many forms, therefore if you're unsure, drop us an email or a message on our Haslington Police Facebook page and we will take look into whatever it is that you have seen or heard.
The more information that you can provide us, the better, however every little helps and you're information could be the missing piece to our puzzle.
Thank you for your time and working with us to keep our community safe.
I can be contacted on for any intelligence.
Please call 999 always in an emergency and 101 for anything else. Intelligence is best the sooner that we have it, however it can also be submitted in retrospect. Your details will be kept confidential.
Kind regards,
PCSO Lizzie Jolley 22582
Haslington Police

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