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Sunday 3 May 2020

How Visible and Safe Is Your Dog

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How Visible and Safe Is Your Dog

Good afternoon,
This afternoon we attended a home about a dogs safety by a road.
If you are a dog owner, your dog is your responsibility and should not put others at risk.
We'd love for you to reply things that keep your dog safe and visible when out and about for other dog owners to read.
Here's a few suggestions from us:-
- Ensure that your home is secure so that your dog cannot get out
-Ensure that your dog is wearing a collar with a way of contacting you should they get lost
-Purchase a high visibility jacket to allow your dog to be seen by dark roads
-Know your dogs behaviour and consider this when in places with other people/other dogs
-Check local signage to see whether it is safe and allows dogs where you are attending
-Reconsider old habits, for example, is your dog still safe to be off a lead, or has their behaviour changed and are now getting themselves and others at risk.
-Consider your location. Is it safe for your dog to be loose or would this be dangerous to the dog and to drivers/people out in your community.
These are just a few for you to think about. We look forward to hearing about your ideas!
Thank you for your time and suggestions.
Kind regards,
PCSO Lizzie Jolley 22582
Haslington Police

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