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Tuesday 24 March 2020

Self-Isolating Or Simply At Home? Why Not Join In With Our Safety Check List Challenge

Good morning,
Many of you will be self-isolating at the moment to minimise risk to our community due to concerns of Coronavirus and we thank you for not making unnecessary journeys or gatherings.
We would also like to thank the key workers for their hard work and dedication in our community at this time.
For those of you who are self-isolating looking for something to do, please join in our Safety Check Lists Challenge below to make yourself, your children, your home and vehicle safer.
Personal Safety:-
*Whilst the UK is self isolating, many opportunists will use this time to target people online and on the phone! Look out for the signs for this using the link below for more information.
http://intranet/knowledgebank/SiteAssets/Pages/Cyber-Crime---Cyber-Enabled-Crime---Online-Fraud/The%20Little%20Book%20of%20Big%20Scams%20" target="_blank">http://intranet/knowledgebank/SiteAssets/Pages/Cyber-Crime---Cyber-Enabled-Crime---Online-Fraud/The%20Little%20Book%20of%20Big%20Scams%20–%20Third%20Edition.pdf#search=the%20little%20book%20and%20big%20scams" target="_blank">
Children's Safety :-
*Check your child's internet settings (This can be done through each ap, for example 'YouTube', 'Netflix Kids')
*Visit the 'Thinkuknow' Website, which has useful information and advice on staying safe online. There are different categories for adults and different age ranges for children." target="_blank">
*Sit down and talk to your child/children about personal safety when they're out and out, expectations of behaviour, and things to look out for when out with friends such as bullying and what they can do about this.
Getting your child/children involved with their safety is a key way to install good habits into their lives. his can talking through step by step with them, and try making this a game with a check list for young children!
*Test yourself with our 'keeping your home safe' link and make a list with those that you can work on during your time at home." target="_blank">
Home Security :-
* Give burglars no where to hide! - Find out how using the link below." target="_blank">
*Lock all doors when you're not in your property (or when you're in the opposite side of your house) More information on this can be found using this link below :-" target="_blank">
*Take a read through the check list below to familiarise yourself with what you should do before leaving the house." target="_blank">
We hope that the reading that we have provided and the tasks that will come from this will fill some time for you some of you and better yet, add to the safety and security for you, your child/children/your home and vehicles.
We look forward to hearing back from those of you that take on the Safety Checklist Challenge during this time. We would also love to know how the children found it, learning about how they can stay safe.
Thank you for your time and we hope that you stay safe, and at a safe distance during this time.

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