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Sunday 1 March 2020

Attempted Burglary In Haslington - Advice To Make Your Property More Secure

Good morning,
I hope that you're well and are enjoying this beautiful Sunday morning.
Recently there has been an incident in Haslington where there has someone has attempted to break into a property.
Thankfully no entry was gained into the property, however we'd like to use this as an opportunity to remind everyone to lock your doors and windows when you're not in. Please ensure that no valuables on left on show in visible places.
In this situation, these precautions had been taken. Residents of the property have also taken the extra step for extra security measures. We urge local residents to do the same in their homes for maximum security.
We often hear of villagers saying "I've lived here all my life, so it won't happen to me", but why take the chance? Today, please think about at least one thing that can make your property more secure.
We also encourage everyone to good neighbour and please pass on the advice please, as a more connected community is a safer one.
I have been and will continue to patrol on foot as a increase high vis presence in this area.
Further home security advice can be found on our Cheshire Police website using the link below!
Website :-
This email is to inform you and not to scare you. Overall the area that you live is a safe place to be, and taking extra security measures can increase your safety.

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