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Saturday 28 March 2020

Gutterscroft Park Haslington - Parents-Guardians We Need Your Help

Good afternoon
We hope that you are well!
This message is for those with children/young people who use the Gutterscroft Park in Haslington. If you do not, feel free to take a read, however the information may not be relevant to you. Thank you for your time in advance.
Gutterscroft Park, Haslington -
Unfortunately, we have experienced further anti-social behaviour/criminal damage at the Gutterscroft Park.
If you have children/young people, we need you to make sure that if they are going to use the local parks, they treat the equipment with respect and the local residents with kindness and respect.
It's very upsetting that we are having to send this message out, when the majority of children and young people that use the park are kind, polite, respectful and an asset to our community. However with equipment being damaged and at this point not knowing who has caused this, it's only fair to ensure that everybody receives the same email with the same advice on how to treat our local park.
Below is a check list for you to go through with your child/young person to ensure that they are safe and are behaving correctly at the park :-
- Agree a time that your child/young person will come home from the park. (Please enforce this!)
-Ensure that your child/young person understands what criminal damage is to the park equipment and please explain that even by being seen with the group that are damaging the equipment, they may be seen by members of the public as being part of this. (Examples of criminal damage can include purposely damaging the equipment and doing graffiti) (Examples of anti-social behaviour can include, shouting, swearing, litter and riding their bikes over residents flower beds.)
-Ensure that you are happy who your child is hanging around with. If you are not, explain to your child why not and how this can be monitored.
-Please tell your child/young person about 'SEE IT' 'HEARD IT' 'REPORT IT' - so that if anything happens in the park they know what to do. It can be useful to explain to young people that usually if something doesn't sit right with them, then it probably isn't right. They can contact us on 101 for non-emergencies and 999 always in an emergency. (This could be for many reasons, but some examples are, usage of drugs/anti-social behaviours listed above/criminal damage/assault)
We hope that most people reading this will know that this message does not apply to their child/young person, however it is important for us to share that Anti-Social Behaviour reports will be issued if anyone is caught causing anti-social behaviour or criminal damage.
Thank you for your time and support with this.
We are here to support anyone who is having troubles with this behaviour.
Kind regards,
PCSO Lizzie Jolley 22582
Haslington Police

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