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Monday 18 September 2017

Murder in Cheshire

Lots of innocent badger will be murdered in Cheshire as the badger cull comes to Cheshire.

Join the local group and help to save the badgers  We need information if you know any farms who are culling or see any cages being delivered or information on shooters locations you can fill in the form and let use know 


Here are some facts behind the badger culling:

  • Free shooting has been applied as a killing method as it is the most "cost effective". In fact, this method is also the most questionable and inhumane method of killing badgers as minimum training and supervision is requested from the culling companies. In recent years reports have shown that 7.4%-22.8% of badgers took more than 5 minutes to die.

  • None of the badgers killed during the current trials have been tested for TB, making both healthy and infected animals become targeted. Thus with no data published on how many killed badgers are infected with TB, effectiveness of culling is highly questionable.

  • “perturbation effect” can result in wide spread of TB as survivors of the killed badgers might roam more widely causing spread of TB into new areas. The trial from 2007 concluded that culling badgers: “can make no meaningful contribution to cattle TB control in Britain” (You can find full trial in here)

  • Extending badger culling into new areas: South Devon, North Devon, North Cornwall, West Dorset, and South Herefordshire creates an even greater threat for the badger population in England.

DISTRESSING footage of a caged badger bleeding to death has emerged as campaigners say it reveals the cruel reality of Britain's culling.

The clip shows a large badger, found in Devon last week, with bloodied fur trapped in a cage in an apparent breach of strict culling rules.

 Footage shows a large bloodied badger bloodied trapped in a cage in an apparent breach of strict culling rules

Stop The Badger Cull

Footage shows a large bloodied badger bloodied trapped in a cage in an apparent breach of strict culling rules

The animal, believed to have been caught at night, was still in the trap at 1.20pm the next day, animal group Stop The Badger Cull said.

Activists claimed its body was still warm to the touch.

It comes as the government last week issued licences to cull more badgers to tackle Bovine Tuberculosis.

The scheme was expanded this year to 11 new areas in Devon, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Cheshire, and could see up to 33,000 badgers killed.

 Queen's Brian May slammed the bloodthirsty methods calling it a 'criminal waste of taxpayers’ money'

Queen's Brian May slammed the bloodthirsty methods calling it a 'criminal waste of taxpayers’ money'

Queen guitarist and campaigner Brian May slammed the bloodthirsty methods calling it a "criminal waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Commenting on the sickening footage he said: “I’m sure I’m not alone in finding these pictures very painful. It’s pitiful to see these magnificent creatures being destroyed.”

 Campaigners say caged trapping 'cannot be done humanely'

Stop The Badger Cull

Campaigners say caged trapping 'cannot be done humanely'

He added: “The case for killing wildlife as part of a strategy for cleaning up herds of cattle is incredibly weak, and a huge doubt hangs over this policy. Yet this government ploughs ahead as if they are blindfolded.

“This is a tragic waste of ­innocent lives, which will not help farmers or cattle, and it’s a criminal waste of taxpayers’ money.”

Opponents say culling is inhumane and vaccinating badgers would be more effective in preventing TB's spread.

 Strict culling rules states they must not have any 'unnecessary suffering'

Stop The Badger Cull

Strict culling rules states they must not have any 'unnecessary suffering'

Jay Tiernan from Stop The Cull said: “This makes a farce of the idea it is being done to stop disease because protocols are being ignored across the cull zones.

“We are seeing evidence now that caged trapping cannot be done humanely. The people undertaking the cull are amateurs and have scant regard for animal welfare.”

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, states: “Cage traps set to catch must be checked and any badgers caught must be dealt with as soon as practicable after dawn the following day.

"Operators have a legal responsibility under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 not to cause unnecessary suffering to any animal under the control of man – this includes a wild animal held in a trap."


Myth: Badgers are the main source of TB in cattle

Truth: The population of badgers with TB is relatively small. With that being said, only 5.7% of all bTB outbreaks have been the direct result of transmission from badgers to cattle. This equally means that 94.3% of all bTB outbreaks come from alternate sources. Badgers, however, are still the subject of unrelenting culling campaigns that cannot possibly eradicate bTB if they only cause 5.7% of all bTB outbreaks. We believe that 5.7% can be significantly lowered, if not removed altogether by an effective vaccination strategy and testing of badgers. At the Badger Trust we believe that the source of the other 94.3% of outbreaks needs to be the primary focus of DEFRA’s strategy.

Myth: Culling is the most effective way to reduce bTB outbreaks in cattle.

Truth: As already mentioned, only 5.7% of bTB outbreaks in cattle are caused by direct transmission from badgers. Spending 50 million of taxpayer funds to kill mostly healthy badgers cannot possibly eradicate bovine tuberculosis as 80% of the culled badgers do not carry TB. We firmly believe that a vaccination and testing strategy for badgers would have a much better effect and most of that 50 million could go towards an effective strategy against the main causes and transmission of bTB. It has already been shown in Wales that tighter control on cattle movements, regular and thorough testing has shown a drop of 30% in bTB incidents. Similarly, vaccination programmes in humans has led to human TB being largely wiped out. There is no reason a similar strategy could not work for cattle and badgers alike. Currently, Welsh herds are 94% bTB free without culling badgers.

Myth: Badgers being culled have TB and are a risk to cattle

Truth: The truth is simple, 80% of the badgers being culled in England and Wales do not carry TB and vaccination programmes can effectively lower the risk and even prevent these badgers from ever

carrying TB. The risk to cattle from getting bTB from badgers is already low. Scotland is a great example of this; in the 1980s badgers in Scotland that were victims of traffic accidents were tested for TB. While 1 in 48 tested positive the incidents of bTB in cattle were extremely low and often linked to cattle coming in from England, Wales and Ireland. Despite TB in badgers, the strict testing of cattle and import controls meant that in 2009 Scotland was declared bTB free.

Myth: Badgers that carry TB are in pain, suffering, and will lead to a slow and painful death.

Truth: Most badgers that test positive for TB will be latent carriers. This means that they are not suffering any symptoms. They may be infected with TB but do not have the disease and a very small percentage will ever develop symptoms. Any animal that is in pain and suffering should be addressed by a trained veterinary professional.

Myth: The Badger Trust cares more about badgers than it does cattle

Truth: The Badger Trust is made up of individuals, volunteers, and staff who are passionate about the welfare of many animals in addition to badgers. While our mission is to protect, conserve, and educate the public about badgers and their habitats we do not wish any harm to come to other species. We understand that farmers have a duty of care to their cattle and are just as passionate about their cattle as we are about badgers. For both the health and safety of cattle and badgers we would like to see a constructive and viable solution to the TB crisis. At the Badger Trust we feel that the government is simply appeasing farmers and not giving them the solution they need and deserve. The science has made it clear that culling is not an effective strategy and that other combinations are more effective. To put it simply bTB is a complex issue with complex answers, there is no one simple solution or the issue of culling (that has happened for decades) would have surely been solved by now. We wish to see a solution that doesn’t appease one cause at the expense of another and that gives long lasting and viable solutions to the bTB crisis with as few cattle and badgers killed as possible.

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