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Saturday 6 June 2015

Legal High Wraning

At 1.23am on Wednesday, June 3 Cheshire police received a call of concerns for the welfare of four people outside James Lee House in Brick Street, Warrington.
Three men and a woman were taken to hospital. The three men have since been discharged but the woman remains in a serious condition. Evidence suggests they may have consumed the legal high, Vertex.
Information suggests there have been other recent cases linked to the consumption of Vertex.
Police and Warrington Borough Council now have serious concerns over this particular substance and are investigating it.
Assistant Chief Constable Mark Roberts said: “We are extremely concerned that this substance would appear to have led to five people being hospitalised in a serious condition. I would strongly urge people not to take this specific substance, Vertex, and for people to be aware of the dangers of taking any substance known as a legal high.
“If people have taken this or any other substances and have concerns about their health they should contact the medical services as soon as possible.”

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