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Wednesday 15 February 2012

Sandbach man who terrorised a community is served ASBO


A 21 year old man who flouted his pubwatch ban and was often abusive and aggressive to anyone who got in his way has been slapped with an ASBO after the community joined together to fight back.

South Cheshire Magistrates Court handed down the ASBO to Matthew Foran from Coleridge Close in Ettiley Heath on 13 February 2012. The order, which bans him from licensed premises in Sandbach and Middlewich, limits his freedom and enforces "reasonable" behaviour, is valid until 12 February 2014.

Foran was an ongoing problem for pubs in Sandbach and Middlewich with windows being smashed, staff threatened or intimidated and property broken. Other customers were disturbed by his behaviour making them uneasy when they should have been enjoying their evening out.

He also intimidated and made the lives of those living near him a misery with threats, abusive gestures, loud music and criminal damage an ongoing problem.

Anyone who came into contact with Foran would often be subjected to his severe anti-social behaviour exacerbated by his belief that no one could touch him. In some cases witnesses were too scared to come forward to help make successful convictions against him.

His continuous disregard for the law and his Pubwatch ban combined with his abhorrent behaviour towards others, led to Sandbach Neighbourhood Policing Team officers joining forces with Safer East Cheshire Partnership to empower the community to stop the abuse.

The teams put together a painstaking catalogue of evidence with the help of Cheshire Police′s Force solicitors who turned it into a document that would convince magistrates this man was a danger to the community and needed an ASBO to curtail his depraved behaviour.

Congleton Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Mark Gammage said: "Foran mistakenly believed he could cause misery to residents and businesses in Sandbach without consequence.
"In the last six months my officers have been called out to deal with his aggressive and intimidating behaviour 24 times. He′s smashed windows, threatened people, and subjected numerous people to violence and abuse.
"I′d like to thank those people who have taken a stand against his yobbish behaviour and supported us in obtaining this ASBO - its when communities stand up and say "Enough is enough" that we can make a real difference.
"If he does step out of line he is likely to find himself in prison. Anyone who sees Foran breaching his ASBO conditions should contact police on 101. Alternatively information can be given on anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111."

The ASBO Prohibits FORAN from:

1 Entering any premises (including beer gardens and outdoor areas attached to those licensed premises and any premises that is licensed to sell alcohol which can then be consumed on those premises) within the Sandbach and Middlewich Neighbourhood Policing areas.

2 Entering the areas shaded on maps 3 and 4 (Sandbach and Middlewich town centres) between 8pm and 7am daily, unless for the purpose of travelling through without stopping, either as a driver or passenger of a motor vehicle.

3 Using foul, abusive, insulting, offensive, threatening, disorderly or intimidating language or displaying such behaviour in any public place.

4 Whilst in Coleridge Close, Sandbach, FORAN is prohibited from causing any noise nuisance likely to cause a reasonable person in the vicinity harassment, alarm or distress, that includes the playing of loud music, shouting or singing.

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