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Wednesday 10 February 2010

St Anne’s Primary School Recycling

Recycling officers at St Anne’s Primary School in Nantwich have come up with an innovative way to raise crucial funds for those devastated by the earthquake in Haiti.

Zachary Egerton, 11 and John Miles, 11, are appealing to pupils, their families, neighbours and friends to bring in their old and unwanted clothes and shoes to raise cash with the help of recycling company BCR Global Textiles. The company has offered to raise their usual rate of 15p to 30p per kilogramme for the fundraising event.

The clothes will be collected from the school at 3pm on Monday 1st March when BCR Global Textiles will take them to their depot for weighing and sorting. The clothes themselves will be sent on to those in need and a cheque for the amount raised will be sent to the school which, through the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal, will buy food, drink, shelter and other essentials for the victims in Haiti.

Zac and John were upset to see the news covering the aftermath of the earthquake and came up with the idea of combining their role as recycling officers at the school with fundraising to help. They contacted Lucinda Hodges, waste education officer at Cheshire East Council who put them in touch with BCR Global Textiles and a school pack was sent to help organise the event.

Zac said: “When we saw what had happened in Haiti we really wanted to do something to help. We wondered if we could raise money by recycling people’s unwanted items and were really pleased when we found out we could get funds by recycling old clothes and shoes. I hope we can raise enough money to really make a difference to the people in Haiti.”

Photo opportunity: 3pm on Monday, 1st March when Zac and John will be loading bags of clothes onto a collection truck with the help of some of the school friends.

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