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Tuesday 24 February 2009

Wulvern New roof but is it safe

Derby Docks and Wulvern Housing are installing a new roof on the flats but are they safe with their work practices?

We have had problems in the past with building sites and had the Health & Safety Executive out to sites. You can see in the photo that they have stacked lots of wood on top of the scaffolding not tied down. Given the area this is just right for kids to climb up the scaffolding and throw it off along with the wheel barrows left up there. A storm or strong wind could do the same thing and a plank of wood on someones head would be fatal.

We all so spotted workers on the roof none of them wearing hard hats and this was one thing the safety picked on at other local sites that workers should have hard hats working in these conditions


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Four of us watched as they loaded slates on a conveyor up to roof height with no one wearing hard hats that were working directly under the conveyor. We have seen them throw stuff off the roof into the skip and they have left wheel barrows and other stuff unsecured on the roof overnight, the planks have been there for days

The job wants stopping before someone is hurt

Anonymous said...

slates i think you will find there called tiles and that big giant red thing hanging off the scaffold is a rubbish shoot wich is where the rubbish has been going but never mind and how could you work under the conveyor as it is loaded from the front and surely you dont expect the scaffolders to drop the scaffold planks every night i wish i could stand around all day watching other people work