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Tuesday 17 February 2009

Grot Spot

I am constantly amazed at the grot spots around crewe and thought its time we highlighted as few. This one is a long standing one in Oxford St at the site of the old chapel which burnt down. There are 3 sides to the problem. Number one is people who dump the rubbish, number 2 is the Council number 3 is the land owner.

If you are on the dole or a low wage and buy a 3 piece suite for £30 and then need to get rid of the old one and ring the council they will charge you to remove it as much as £35. If you haven't got the money and no transport then the only option you have is to dump it around the corner. If you have access rubbish the council wont take it if it doesn't go in a bin so again your only option is to dump it.

The land owner is a piggy in the middle its not their fault if people dump rubbish on their land but they do have a responsibility to keep it clean.

The daft bit is the bin men come and leave excess rubbish so you ring the council who then send another man and lorry out to collect it costing a lot more than picking it up in the first place.

Of coarse in all that there are people out there who are just idle and dump the rubbish because they cant be bothered to take it to the tip.

If you know of any Grot spots let me know and I will take some pictures. In a lot of cases its a slow process because its private land the council have to get an order for the land to be tidied and this takes time

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