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Friday 6 February 2009

Crewe & Nantwich Home Watch News Jan 2009

Crewe & Nantwich News - Jan 2009

Thirteen Years for Crewe Murder A 46 years old woman from Crewe was sentenced to life in prison, with a minimum term of thirteen years, after being convicted of murder. The jury at Chester Crown Court heard that after a day of heavy drinking she had stabbed a man in the chest and neck a dozen times and then called the Police. Detective Chief Inspector Paul Bailey described it as, “A tragic case involving two people whose lives followed a downward spiral due to alcohol abuse.” He added thanks to people who came forward as witnesses and expressed his sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of the murdered man.

Cannabis Factory Closed More than a thousand cannabis plants were seized and destroyed after police closed a cannabis factory in Crewe town centre. A former restaurant was equipped with irrigation systems and heaters on two floors. Detective Inspector Iain Goodwin said, ““This type of production has increased dramatically over the past few years. The ‘factories’ provide income for organized criminal gangs.” The plants would have produced drugs with a street value of about £150,000. A man was arrested and charged with being concerned in the production of illegal drugs. The investigation is continuing.

Pub Ban ASBO A man is banned from all pubs in Crewe as part of an Anti Social Behaviour Order. The man, aged 45, has a long history of causing problems in pubs. Magistrates imposed the ASBO after convicting him of being drunk and disorderly. Laura Woodrow, the Anti Social Behaviour Co-ordinator said, “Licensees filled in incident report forms and those forms were vital evidence for the magistrates.” Inspector Paul Broadhurst, from Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Unit said, “People are entitled to enjoy their leisure time in a pub without having to worry about violence and abuse”.

First Trafficking Case A 44 years old woman who ran premises in Crewe and elsewhere has been convicted of Cheshire’s first case of human trafficking. She was sentenced to a total of one and a half years in prison after admitting an offence of trafficking a human being for sexual exploitation, four offences of managing a brothel, one offence of controlling prostitution for gain, and benefit fraud. Detective Sergeant Mark Fletcher said, “The sentence reflects the very serious nature of these offences and the tireless work that officers have undertaken over the past two years. This clearly shows our determination to deal with those who exploit others.”

Crime Profit Funds Policing Cheshire Constabulary is sending a clear message to criminals; by seizing their cash and assets and using the proceeds to fight crime. The Home Office has announced that £65,000 of £390,000 seized in Cheshire in the quarter between July and September last year is to be handed back to the Force. It will be ploughed back into local policing and local communities. Detective Inspector Giles Orton, who heads the Cheshire Police Asset Recovery Team said, “Taking the criminals’ ill-gained profit makes it plain to anyone embarking on a life of crime that it really doesn’t pay.”

Hoax Calls- Man Charged A man has been charged in connection with three hoax emergency calls in Crewe. He is accused of wasting police time by making three calls which tended to show an offence had been committed and with setting fire to a wheelie bin. The man, who is 23, has been bailed to appear at South Cheshire Magistrates Court in February.

Burglar Behind Bars A burglar who broke into a Nantwich house; stole credit cards and cash and then took the family’s car off the drive was sent to prison for 16 months. At Chester Crown Court the man, aged 21 and from Bradford, admitted burglary, aggravated vehicle taking and driving without insurance.

Winter Warning Police said some drivers in Crewe and Nantwich failed to take sensible precautions to cope with ice and snow. Cars and vans were being driven in the morning rush hour with windscreens covered in frost except for a small patch in front of the drivers’ eyes. “This is illegal and dangerous,” said Tony Hall, a Traffic Management Officer for Cheshire Police Eastern Area. “The chances are that you will not see a vehicle coming out of a side road or a pedestrian stepping off the pavement. The result could be that someone is seriously injured, or even killed.”

New Year Arrest A man was arrested after three people were injured in an incident in a pub in Crewe town centre on New Year’s Eve. The man, aged 22, was later charged with wounding with intent.

Second Anniversary Appeal On the second anniversary of the disappearance of a man from Nantwich, Cheshire Police repeated their appeal for any information on his welfare and whereabouts. John Iveson, then aged 36, has not been seen by his family or friends since January 30th 2007. A £30,000 reward for information, offered by Cheshire Police a year ago, has so far not brought any response. Officers say the search will continue until the mystery is resolved. Anyone with information can contact the Operation Pisces Team through the Cheshire Police Information line 0845 458 0000 or email or leave information on the Crimestoppers line 0800 555 111.

Drumming Up Interest The Corps of Drums of the Cheshire Police Band are giving help and advice to Haslington Boys Brigade about setting up a drum corps of their own. The Police drummers called in to give a display after the boys spotted an article about them in a local newspaper. Drum Sergeant Tony Jackson said, “Getting involved like this is what we are all about”. Years ago Haslington Boys Brigade had a marching band but in recent times the instruments have been gathering dust. Information about Cheshire Constabulary Band is on their website, .

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