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Monday 2 February 2009

Anyone seen the Bus?

I think you may have noticed by now the Arriva bus rotas and times have been changed as from this saturday (31st jan 09)

Now the 6's are every 20 minutes, but no-one knew this (not even the drivers) and so there was chaos this morning.
A lot of kids from Coppenhall and Shavington were late for school, as were a lot of commuters most probably.

There were 5! buses queueing to get into Leighton Hospital this morning.
The Arriva boss in Winsford (who is responsible for this bodge up) has gone on holiday for a few weeks. (How very convenient)

The councils has again agreed to the changes so they are partially responsible for this mess. I do believe they're all trying to run our local bus service aground. They should be endorsing it not destroying it!

Oh and you would love to know that a lot of the D and G drivers who are Polish alegedly DON'T hold PCV licences, just HGV ones! So what happens if there is an accident? How is this legal?

Are the drivers of School buses CRB Checked to ensure they are passed to work with children?

Do we want to be driven to school and work by an incompetent unlicensed drivers every day? Another thing, I would LOVE to know HOW MUCH fuel is wasted every day ferrying the empty buses to and from Winsford 'depot' morning and night. This will be why the ticket prices have shot up again no doubt?

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