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Saturday 24 January 2009

Right to Repair campain sign the petition now

Small garages like Oakridge in West St could go out of Business soon if we dont act now!!

“We’ve sorted the problem, sir. That’ll be double what you might have paid at an independent car repairer…”

The car service and repair industry is about to change forever. And change for the worse.

That’s because, at the moment, you have the right to service or repair your car wherever you wish. You might take it back to the manufacturer. Or maybe you prefer to take your vehicle to an independent repairer.

But, in 2010, when key European legislation is due to disappear, so will your freedom of choice.

Unless we work together now to stop this happening.

So, what’s it to you if independent car garages are about to be driven out of business?

Well, there’s the cost – to you, the vehicle owner – for starters.

Put simply, if the only place you’re able to service or repair your car is at a manufacturer dealership or manufacturer approved franchise, prepare to be hit hard in the pocket.

In fact, research shows that you can expect your car service and repair costs to be double*.

Sign the petition now here
More details here

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