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Friday 30 January 2009

Home Watch News

This is a new feature for Home Watch members but its just as important advice and news for everyone and warns about crimes in the area of Crewe. These bulletins are sent when there is a need to warn people

Please be aware of two incidents of a similar nature that happened yesterday evening (19/01/2009) one in Crewe and the second in Audlem. Although there is no confirmed connection between the incidents they both used a similar method to try and gain entry.

In both instances someone knocked on the front door of a residential property and stated that there had been a water explosion.

In the incident in Crewe (approx 17:40), the male suspect persuaded the homeowner to allow him entry to examine the problem in the kitchen. Whilst they are in the kitchen a second male enters the property, proceeds upstairs and makes a tidy search before removing cash and returning to the ground floor. Both offenders then leave the premises.

In the Audlem incident (approx 18:10) a male offender tells the homeowner that she needs to check her taps in the bathroom and kitchen due to the explosion and also needs to check under the sink. The homeowner tried to shut the door on the male and he pushed it back open and entered the property. The offender ran off when the homeowner pressed their alarm button.

Please make members aware of these incidents and remind them to be particularly cautious and please try to offer support for more vulnerable neighbours who might be targeted by this type of crime.

When answering the door it is always worth remembering to Stop, Chain & Check. Stop prior to answering the door and consider if you are expecting anyone. If you open your door always use the door chain whilst talking to the person. Check the identity of the caller - if they claim to be from a company take their ID card off them and shut the door when looking at it. If you are unsure find a phone number from the company they claim to be from and ring up and double check that there should be someone in your area or if there has been a genuine issues.

It is worthwhile to invest in a door chain if you do not already have one and if your door does not have glass panels where you can see who is at the door consider installing a spy hole.

If you are in any doubt that they are genuine keep them out. Remember that genuine callers won't be annoyed if you ask them to wait outside while you double check their identity or will understand if you ask them to go away and make an official appointment in writing. If you are suspicious that someone is knocking on people's doors under false pretences in the area please ensure that you contact the police via 0845 458 0000 to report it immediately.

If anyone would like some more in depth information about 'How to Beat Bogus Callers' please let me know and I will forward you out as many copies of the leaflet as required.


Home Watch Desk

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