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Friday 16 January 2009

Queens Park Trip

I had a trip around The Queens Park to see what was happening the footing for the new bridges across to Burma Island are now in so hopefully the new bridges will soon be up.

I had a look at the Bowling Green which was looking good with a very green lawn already for the spring and the big old tree stood proud behind it.

Next to the Bowling Green is the memorial to Diana and with the grasses in full flow its the most striking feature at the park at the moment

A bit further down and the bases for the new path that used to lead to the old bird and rabbit houses is in lets hope they put some steps in or make this a less steep bank. The kids used to call this the end of the world as the old bank was so steep it felt like you were going off the end of the world. At the moment it looks more like a skate board ramp half built.

There was not a lot more to see as most of the park is fenced off and you cant get to it. I did think they would leave as much unfenced as possible so there was more to see like the old band stand and the scented garden. New building are due to start any time now subject to the weather

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