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Tuesday 6 January 2009

The Yobs Win

The Derby Docks bushes are being cut back after problems with gangs of youths holding drinking parties in them. Lots of complaints from local residents forced this cutting back as people were frightened to walk down the path which is right next to the trees as all you could hear was kids in there. People were afraid they would be attacked and the trees were perfect to hide behind if you wanted to jump out on someone.

The area is supposed to be a no drinking zone but the idea of these zones has become a joke as no one does anything and street drinking is still going on even at 7 am on the docks people are out there drinking.
The problem is the yobs are winning the trees were very nice and made it countrified but in this area it has just caused problems with the yobs so the only way forward is to remove them so they can no longer hide. The other way forward was for the Police to do something about the area which they have failed to do for years

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