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Wednesday 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year but you will have to wait an extra second this year as time is being suspended for 1 second at midnight so the earth can sync with the atomic clocks as the earth is off by 1 second.

New years eve and as you can see in the picture Crewe is frozen with frost for the last few nights and freezing cold winds. More cold weather is on its way and temperatures down to -4 can be expected the only good thing is we get extra money in our pension if its cold for more than a week.

The only good news is that a Petrol price war means petrol is at its lowest price for a long time New Years Eve and it was down to 82.9p at Morrisons and Tesco cutting prices at any moment Diesel was down to 94.9p.

Lets hope 2009 is a better year for us all but I fear it may only bring more misery in job losses before it gets better. Check back for the latest news on this site

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