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Monday 1 December 2008

Are you ready for Digital TV?

There was help on the square on Saturday for the TV digital switch over. For the Granada region this will happen next November when first BBC will go off the air followed by other stations. You can get digital TV now on Freeview, Freesat or Sky and if you can get any of these now you will have no problem in the next year. It will help in this area as we have bad Channel 5 reception around Crewe. This is due to it being given a frequency out side the range of aerials for this area as it was introduced a lot latter than the other services and there was no room left for it within our range.
The signals for Freeview are being transmitted at only 20% of the power which we will get when its turned over fully. So if you can get it now but the picture isn’t 100% don’t worry as it should be fine next year.
To get digital you will need either Sky TV, a Freeview Box for your current TV, get anew Tv with Freeview built in. Get Freesat a satalite TV which is free of charge once you have bought the box there is no charge for the service. You can get some programs via the Internet but this is not a viable option at the present time as most ISP’s have a download limit but this may change with the advent of ADSL+2 with higher speeds of 24 Meg.
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