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Sunday 28 December 2008

Doom and Groom in Crewe

Photos Tile Shop and Buildbase Underwood Lane

New Year is nearly here and all that is on the horizon for Crewe is doom and gloom. In the last few weeks we have seen job losses at the Post Office and Tax office. The Tile shop near the Tax office is all so closed down as has Buildbase in Underwood lane and of coarse Woolworths in Nantwich closed today after 70 years. Music, games and DVD retailer Zavvi - formerly known as Virgin Megastore is also in trouble and closing soon. With so many shops standing empty in Crewe Town it gives the impression of a ghost town about to happen.

Modus is set to sell its 50% stake in five developments owned by the joint venture: Trinity Walk in Wakefield; Friars Walk Centre in Newport, Wales; Delamere Place in Crewe; West Orchards in Coventry; and Birchwood in Warrington. Delamere Place in Crewe could start in 2010, said Flood, adding that ‘we are reviewing all the costs’.

The down turn didn’t stop people flocking to the sales I was around town on Boxing day and the retail park was packed with no room to park as people flocked to get the bargains Zavvi had queues four deep and you couldn’t move inside. People must be having a last minute buying spree. All you can see around the town was SALE signs.
Lets hope that Crewe’s fortunes pick up in the new years and we get new employment opportunities in the near future. Happy New Year to all our readers

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