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Monday 1 June 2020

Latest FACTS about Covid 19

The virus is transmitted from person to person over 90% of infections are by this transmission only less than 10% comes from touching objects.

Out of doors at 2 mtrs distance the chance of catching it are 0.

In doors can be worse depending on the time in contact and ventilation.

If you had the virus you cant catch it again now proven but you may have dead RNA which will show on tests your infected even though your arnt this can last 3 months this happened on the ships were they were still testing positive 3 month later

The virus doesn’t kill you the body responds with a cytokine storm which sends 1,000 of cells to attack it and they cause inflammation which reduces oxygen in the lungs and then you cant get oxygen to parts of the body and you can die. Thats why they put people on ventilators to try and force oxygen in.

What has now been found and international recognised is there are 2 pandemics the virus and lack of vitamin D. If you have correct level of vitamin D it sends out attack cells with anti inflammatory cells which stop the storm. The evidence is overwhelming that its the answer.

Vitamin D we make from the sun but modern life people work indoors and never get enough sun. People with dark skins cant make it as their skin blocks it which account for people with darker skin dyeing . Birmingham.

Vitamin D has other effects on mood and bones etc. People can go out in the sun and get 10,000 units of D but thats stored in fat cells for a rainy day only when all the fat cells are full does it put it in the bloods were its needed. So if your over weight you need a hell of a lot before it has an effect.

The other thing is people go out in the sun then come in and wash with soap this wipes out the vitamin D as its stored in the skin oil for a long time

Its now recommended you take vitamin D 3 as a supplement not vitamin d 2 even before the virus this was advice on the government website 86% of the population is low on the vitamin. Take the max recommended dose on the packet. You should take it in winter as there is little sun.

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