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Thursday 11 July 2019

Cheshire East set to consider next phase of the Crewe area action plan

Cheshire East Council is to discuss about what HS2 could mean for Crewe and how it could improve the environment and reduce traffic congestion with its anticipated arrival.

The latest version of the Crewe area action plan, which contains a range of proposed ideas, will be considered by the Council at a meeting of its strategic planning board on Thursday (11 July 2019).

The planning document, which looks over a 20 year timescale until 2040, will help the council manage the development around Crewe station. As part of this, there is a proposed package of measures to improve access to the station, which includes suggestions for better transport links, access to the town centre and road improvements.

The meeting will also discuss the proposals for public consultations on the ideas, which include:

● Outline of the areas in Crewe that are covered by the plan;

● Development of policy documents;

● Sustainable transport;

● Five development opportunity areas;

● New infrastructure proposals; and

● Key heritage sites.

Councillor Craig Browne, deputy leader of Cheshire East Council, said: “HS2 can be a real benefit for Crewe and, if handled correctly, the infrastructure investment will stimulate a radical and positive change in the town.

“Crewe is already one of the best connected places in Britain but currently, few people truly take advantage of the rail links it offers. HS2 will enhance these further and will make Cheshire East an even better location for business.

“The council has to plan carefully to anticipate the change that HS2 could bring and ensure new development is shaped for the benefit of our communities. I am sure you will agree that we need to improve transport connections to improve the environment and help reduce the traffic congestion experienced in Crewe daily.

“This plan, with its transport and infrastructure proposals, seeks to provide better public transport, pedestrian and cycle routes in the area. All the proposals will be subject to public consultation.”

All of the ideas contained in the plan are only proposals at this stage. If agreed at the strategic planning meeting, a public consultation will follow to allow people to comment on the plan and the proposals contained within it.

The final version of the plan is expected to be published in autumn 2019.

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