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Saturday 11 February 2017

President Trump

In all the hysteria and hype it is useful to examine exactly just what President Trump banned.He introduced a 90 day ban for seven countries,an indefinite ban for Syrians and a four month ban for all refugees. All these measure are perfectly reasonable and sensible.It is definitely NOT a muslim ban.President Trump was elected to keep his citizens safe and that is exactly what he has been dong from day one.I only wish that our Government would be so vigilant in protecting our safety.

We voted for Brexit but,seven months after the historic vote,the starting gun has not even been fired yet.With our dithering PM and Government it could takes years before we actually leave.In the meantime we have a total open door to 450 million EU citizens. We already know that ISIS are smuggling terrorists,intent on killing us,into the EU,disguised as migrants.It is no wonder that President Trump wants to ensure that the USA does not become the focus of ISIS terrorism that the EU has sadly become.

On top of all that,our Government has allowed over 400 jihadists to return to the UK.

They should never have been allowed to set foot again in our country.They threw their lot in with the brutal psychopaths of ISIS and should be banned from the UK forever.

Our Government is too weak and is failing in its duty to keep us safe.Many in the UK wish they had a strong leader like President Trump,who puts the safety of his citizens first.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Councillor

11 Rimsdale Close




Tel 07760147609

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