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Thursday 27 August 2015

Rope residents have been badly let down by Cheshire East Council.

Rope residents have been badly let down by Cheshire East Council.Their views have been ignored.
An application to extend Berkeley Primary School has been approved.
It was requested that as part of the planning permission a condition should be incorporated  to require the school to provide a safe,off-road, drop off area on the school site for parents to use. This was requested because one of the biggest concerns in Rope is the way a minority of parents park inconsiderately outside the school and block the flow of traffic and driveways.
The parking is disgraceful in the small closes near to the school. Parents abandon their cars on pavements,by  corners, across drives etc. Also, they have no consideration that their children access their cars by trampling over private gardens where there is no pavement. The random parking also puts their children at risk from motorists who can't see them emerging from between parked cars - an accident waiting to happen. It's no joke being unable to access or leave your home between certain times Many residents feel like prisoners in their own homes.
The matter was not helped when the Rope Borough Councillor, Sarah Pochin turned up late for the meeting so she was unable to make the case for the residents prior to the decision being made.
I was successful in getting the yellow lines and a 20mph limit outside the school some years ago but the truth of the matter is that although Rope Parish Council taxpayers pay annually towards the cost of a PCSO very little is done to stop this inconsiderate and dangerous parking.
Residents have had enough of the waffle, they want action from the Police and from the Council.
This was a golden opportunity to tackle the school parking problem. It is a great shame that the Councillors have decided to do nothing.
Cllr Brian Silvester
UKIP Rope Parish Councillor

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