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Wednesday 19 August 2015

Cheshire East ignores the views of local residents and Rope Parish Council.


Rope residents have been badly let down by Cheshire East Council.(See below)

Cllr. Brian Silvester said,

”An application to extend Berkeley Primary School has been approved. Rope Parish Council objected to this planning application because it would be visually obtrusive and threaten a valued mature oak tree. The parish council also said there should be a condition that the school will work with Cheshire East to provide a safe, off-road drop off area for parents to use. This was requested because one of the biggest concerns in Rope is the way a minority of parents park inconsiderately outside the school and block the flow of traffic and driveways.

Prior to the meeting a tree preservation order was put on the tree so the Councillors on the planning committee had no choice but to ensure that that was protected. Otherwise the concerns of local residents and the parish council  about the parking problems were totally ignored. The matter was not helped when the Rope Borough Councillor, Sarah Pochin turned up late for the meeting so she was unable to make the case for the residents prior to the decision being made.

This was a golden opportunity to tackle the school parking problem. It is a great shame that the Councillors have decided to do nothing.”

Cllr Brian Silvester

UKIP Rope Parish Councillor

To: CE - PLANNING APP COMMENTS[]; Subject: Comment on a Planning Application Sent: Tue 4/21/2015 2:12:41 PM From: Centre, Call Timestamp 21/04/2015 15:12:41 Source FORMID Comment On a Planning Application EmailTo EmailFrom EmailSubject Comment on a Planning Application Application_details - Application_reference 15/0535N Application_site_address WISTASTON BERKELEY COUNTY PRIMARY SCHOOL LAIDON AVENUE WISTASTON CHESHIRE CW2 6RU Purpose No Selection Interest Other Interest_if_other Rope Parish Council Comments Rope Parish Council objects to this planning application because it would be visually obtrusive and threaten a valued mature oak tree. The Parish Council accepts that the school needs new classrooms and the studio could benefit the community as well as the school. It is the proposed position of the buildings which leads to both objections. The school has a considerable amount of space and there is no need for it to expand towards Laidon Avenue. The same facilities could be built elsewhere and still leave plenty of space for sport and play. The studio would be very close to the road, closer than the neighbouring houses. This would be very obtrusive and reduce the sense of space. The building itself would not be attractive to look at. The residents who live opposite the school suffer considerable inconvenience due to parking problems at the beginning and end of the school day. This loss of visual amenity would take away a compensating factor. The proximity of the footpath to the studio would also reduce the privacy of the pupils using it. The studio would also be very close to a large and attractive oak tree. It seems likely that the roots would be damaged during construction. Even if the tree were not damaged then, there would be a possibility that at some later point a branch would fall onto the building. This would result in calls for it to be cut down on safety grounds. The Council has requested a tree protection order for this tree. Interested_partys_details - Title Ms Forename Susan Surname Togay

From: sue.togay On Behalf Of Clerk - Rope Parish Council Sent: 05 July 2015 17:15 To: Cheshire East Planning Subject: URGENT Comment on 15/0535N Berkeley Primary School. Dear Sir/Madam, I have had problems with submitting comment on this application via the Cheshire East website. Could I kindly request as a matter of urgency that the following comment be included from Rope Parish Council: Since we made our previous comments we have become aware that funding is now available to help schools provide drop off parking zones. We have also had the opportunity to read the other comments. We have noted the comment that increased school numbers caused by this proposed expansion will still be lower than they were in 2006. There are other factors that affect parking around the school which should also be considered. 1. Berkeley now shares its campus with the Willows Pre-School. Staff from the Willows park on the roads. Parents of children at the Willows also bring and collect them by car. 2. It is likely that since 2006 a higher proportion of pupils come from outside the catchment area. This could be either through parental choice or because other schools are now full. These parents will probably bring their children by car. 3. There is an increased number of working parents. Those who live in walking distance may still bring their cars as they can then drive on to work. 4. Car ownership is increasing so there is more on road parking by local residents leaving less space for parents. If this planning application is allowed then school numbers are likely to increase and parking problems will get worse. There is already a big issue with parking around the school at the beginning and end of the school day. It is discussed at every Parish Council meeting. The school has tried to help by writing to parents and organising a walking bus. However there is still a large number of parents who bring cars and they have to park them somewhere. As the spaces fill up then there is more chance that cars will be parked inconsiderately or illegally. If the application is to be approved then there should be a condition that the school will work with Cheshire East to provide a safe, off-road drop off area for parents to use. Yours sincerely, Sue Togay Clerk to Rope PC

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