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Saturday, 14 July 2012


During the hours of darkness female offender approaches occupied terraced dwelling and knocks on the window indicating for the occupant to come to the door occupant 82 year old male answers the door to female offender who states that her late father used to drink with the occupant in the brunel arms, male details that he has recently lost his wife and suggests that the female comes in and has a cup of tea with him, once inside female offender states that she needs the toilet and goes upstairs, she enters a bedroom and opens a jewellery box removes a ladies watch puts it into her pocket and is then challenged by the victim and asks her to leave and uses physical force to eject her from his home.
Police have now arrested the female above who has admitted the offence. She has been charged and bailed to court with conditions.
Although we have the good result above, bogus callers are still be reported in your area so please keep an eye out for vulnerable neighbours.

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