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Thursday 30 December 2010

Call for Action on Traffic Gridlock Roundabout

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Councillor Brian Silvester has taken up complaints of residents about the traffic gridlock at peak times at the Crewe Rail Station Roundabout.

He said, "At peak times it is taking 15 minutes to get through the roundabout. The timing of the traffic lights is not co-ordinated and they are not on green long enough so traffic is constantly stop/starting. This leads to traffic stranded on the roundabout when the lights change so that vehicles are unable to move even when the lights are on green. Total traffic gridlock then results.

I have had an on-site meeting with Cheshire East's traffic engineer Chris Shields." He has reported back in the following form.( See e-mail below)

"Early this week one of the pedestrian control buttons had been frozen on, creating a continually pedestrian demand, this has now been resolved.

We have recently commissioned some work to re-programme the signal controllers, this will be completed in the new year, which will hopefully improve matters. We have noted in particular the very short duration of the green signal from the Haslington direction. I will arrange to check what benefits would arise from the introduction of a box marking on the roundabout close to the above."

Cllr Silvester commented," I welcome the action that is to be taken. I suggested that the timing of the lights needs to be looked at as well as the introduction of box markings to prevent the roundabout from becoming completely blocked so traffic cannot move at all. I recognise that this roundabout is operating at over capacity but a lot more can be done to keep the traffic flowing."

Cllr. John Jones( Crewe North) said,

"Whilst I am sure that the inclement weather and extra Christmas traffic is playing it's part in creating extra difficulties at the Station Roundabout it is poor design and poor traffic management that is really to blame. This is just one of the places in Crewe where traffic grinds to a virtual stand still twice a day on a year round basis. In these hard economic times local businesses are finding it hard enough to keep going, thus creating employment for local people, without the extra expense that this traffic chaos causes. Short term alleviation measures will help, but what is really needed is a complete redesign of the road infrastructure. Any future development such as that at Basford East and West can only be put in jeopardy by the current road situation. Would you invest millions of pounds in a town where it regularly takes thirty minutes to do a two mile cross town journey. I call upon the road planners to start work on solving this chaos and to keep the people of Crewe informed of their progress on a regular basis."

Conservative Candidate Selected for Willaston and Rope Ward

Cllr, Brian Silvester has been selected as the Conservative Candidate for the new Willaston and Rope Ward for the Cheshire East Council elections next May.

Cllr Silvester said, " I am delighted to be selected. I have represented Willaston since 1999 and Rope since 2008. I always listen to the views and concerns of local residents, I take action and I report back. I can't solve every problem but I will always try and my constituents appreciate that. I also have a very good working relationship with the two Parish Councils in the Ward. Willaston and Rope need a strong influential voice to represent them to ensure that local people get a fair deal in the big new Cheshire East Council."

Cllr Silvester has served as the Deputy Leader of Cheshire East Council and as Cabinet Member for Safer and Stronger Communities. He is currently the Chairman of the Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee. He is the former Leader of the Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council.

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