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Friday 10 September 2010

Wind Turbine

The decision to refuse planning permission for a huge wind turbine in Shavington was a victory for people power. Once residents heard of the application they snapped into action. They contacted us and we made sure that the decision was made by the planning committee. This proved to be crucial because if the planning officers had made the decision it would have been approved by now because they recommended it for approval. Residents attended the Parish Council meeting and the Parish councillors resolved to fully support them. A number of residents meetings were called and a full scale campaign to stop the wind turbine  was established. Posters were produced, press releases issued by us and a petition was made available. When the Planning Committee made a visit to the application site the residents were out in numbers to peacefully show their opposition. Residents also turned out in force at the planning committee meeting  to show the Councillors, who were deciding the application, the depth of their feelings against the wind turbine. When the application was overwhelmingly rejected we, the residents and the Parish Council were delighted.

The campaign against the wind turbine in Shavington was a model campaign and a great success. We wish to congratulate all those who were involved and thank the members of the Planning Committee for taking the local views into account and rejecting the advice of the planning officers. This successful campaign was local democracy in action and a reassurance that residents' views are listened to.

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