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Thursday 16 September 2010

Child Hurt while the Council do nothing

The Council issued a press release about street clutter and how they are clamping down on it which was published on the blog here  They were contacted 7 days ago about dangerous sign blocking the foot path and about a sign in West St advertising a Fish and chip shop opposite Minshull New Rd  As seen below


As you can see its a heavy sign chained to the lamp post and they have even climbed the lamppost and put an advert higher up. This footpath is mostly used by mothers taking children to the Queens Park and its impossible to get a large buggy past the sign forcing children and mother onto the busy West St. The Cheshire East Council have done nothing in over a week. Today tragedy struck when a mother with a young child got near to the sign the very strong win gusted and hit the child's leg hurting him and knocking him into the road luckily no car were coming.

I explained to the mother that it had been reported and that she may have a claim against Cheshire East under their Duty of Care. We hope the childs injuries are not to serious and we hope the council will pull its finger out so we dont have to report a death from this obstruction. West St is a death trap with these signs with them out side the Late shop the butty bar across from the late shop the paper shop near Ford Lane not to mention the tyre place in Derby street who stick one on West St as well.

Lets give the pavement back to pedestrians  and stop these signs


Anonymous said...

Well that woke the council up I go that way every day and after it was on the blog they got off their bums and had it removed. If we can now get them to do the rest of West St it would be good like the paper shop opposite Ford Lane and the late shop

Anonymous said...

See this is back again is this chips shop so desperate that they will put children at risk?

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting its back again I hope the council are going to take action over this danger or I will contact my MP