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Saturday 24 April 2010

Who will save these poor dogs from a painfull death?

Who will save these poor dogs? This is an on going saga a house 4 Oxford St Crewe has no one living in it the house is not used. There is a dog in the back yard which howls and barks all day and all night. Many times it has no food or water. People only seem to come to the house occasionally and then they feed the dog and give it water. Everyone in the street is watching and they never see anyone go into the house. This has been going on for several weeks and the dog is getting worse all the time no doubt due to lack of water and food not to mention being out in all weathers.

The Police have been informed several times the RSPCA has been informed at least 3 times and the Dog warden has been informed at least 6 times. This week there was a cock up as the dog had chewed through the back gate and escaped we rang the Dog Warden to get the dog picked up were it would receive food water and veterinary care. He turned up and asked someone were it was from and they told him so instead of taking it in he stuck it back in the yard and chained it up.

What he did find was there are in fact 2 dogs both staffies as there was on locked inside as well along with we suspect a cat. He said the house was full of dog dirt as with a dog locked inside it has no choice but to make a mess on the floor and after several weeks you can imagine the state of the dog and house.

This is a case of its not my job pass it on The dog warden rang the RSPCA again and they said they will look at it again. The problem is people in the street are feeding the dog to stop it starving to death and if the RSPCA visit and see the dog has food and water they think it ok so ignore it they don’t come back the next day were it may be without water etc. A dog left with a bowl of water for day may knock it over and then have none for many days until the owners pop in again.

Someone needs to do something and not pass the buck the Police say it’s the RSPCA, the council wont touch it as its in a yard now and the RSPCA are doing nothing. As the house is full of dog dirt the environmental health should be able to take action to find the landlord as this is a rented property and get the dog some help. If no one does anything soon these 2 dogs will die a terrible death

You can help ring the RSPCA 0300 1234 999
email the dog wardens
tel 01270 529599

If enough people ring and email someone may actually do something do it now

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