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Tuesday 27 April 2010

Suffering Dogs Update

The dog was roaming the streets last night running into the road etc but it was to late to call the Dog warden. Today it was again roaming the street but someone put it back into the yard and someone visited the yard and chained the dog up but it appears they took away its food and water. There is no visible food or water at the moment.

The council replied to Brian Sylvester

Hi Brian

I have just spoken to the Dog Warden.

He went to the dog last week as per the blog. He found the Dog and did in fact take it back to the house, as he was advised that is where it had come from. The Dog had food and water, and access to and from its kennel.

He spoke to the owner on Saturday, who told him that she did live there. We have also spoken to the RSPCA and they are visiting the house to discuss the welfare concerns with the owner, this is their responsibility not the councils.

I have as you can see copied Tracey into this, to see what can be done in relation to the condition of the house etc.



The girl is clearly not living there as everyone in the street is watching the house worried about the dog and no one is in the house. Its now all down to the RSPCA they have put a not in the door and I rang them for an update but they never rang back. They normally put the paper in the door to see if anyone enter the house if not they can then break in with the Police and take the dog. So we hope they come back and see there is no water.

Environmental Health have not replied about the noise as this poor dog barks all day and all night keeping half the street awake. More as it happens

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