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Tuesday 27 April 2010

New gang in Town

There is a new gang in town called the Special Branch its one of the spin offs of the gangs around the West End it started as Westend worries it should have been warriors but they couldn't spell it so the changed their name to Wutang as no one knew if this was spelt right

Now the new gang has written graffiti all over the West end of crewe in some cases they were disturbed and only managed to write Special Bra

Brian is trying to get the writing removed
In the west end of Crewe the words' SPECIAL BRANCH' have been spray painted in big letters on a number of properties. Can you ensure that this graffiti is removed. I have received complaints from residents because it is unsightly and lowers the tone of the area. Could we get the probation service's community payback people to do this work? It would be good if offenders could be seen improving the local environment.
With best wishes,

Brian Silvester

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