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Tuesday 28 July 2009

Distraction Burglary

Please be aware of some of the MO's (Modus Operandi / Modes of Operation) that have been used throughout Cheshire recently to try and gain entry to residential properties. Offenders tend to be male and in the majority of cases target elderly or more vulnerable people. None of these incidents have occurred in the Crewe & Nantwich area but it is worthwhile to be forewarned about these methods as people who are involved in distraction burglaries are often fairly mobile and don't remain in the same area for long to minimise their chances of being identified.

1.) Male approaches property claiming that he is from the water board and he needs to turn the water off for 48 hours as there has been an explosion. He asks her to take him through to the kitchen and to empty cupboard under the sink whilst he turns the taps off. At this time a second offender has entered the property, made and untidy search downstairs and removed cash from the property.

2.) Male knocks on door of property stating that he needs to change the battery in the gas meter. When questioned as to where he was from he retorted 'do you want it doing or not'. The resident declined and the male left.

3.) Male calls at residential address asking if resident wants any work doing to his guttering. Resident declines but later sees same male coming out of elderly neighbours house. He enquires with neighbour and learns that the male claimed that he had done some work for the lady and she has given them £10 and is now unable to find her purse.

Please remember that although the more standard MO for distraction burglaries involves males posing as tradesmen that women / smartly dressed individuals can also be involved in such incidents so exercise caution regardless of who is at your door.

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