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Sunday 5 July 2009

Rights to walk

Those that know me know I walk 10 miles a day with the old dog and I enjoy a nice country walk. So off I went onto the Georges playing field down the path by the Golf coarse and came to turn right to go by the river. There are two walks one you go past the river and turn right and one before the river. Well if you look at the photo above can you see the foot path? Neither could I its so over grown and covered in nettles its un passable and we are being denied this lovely walk by the river.
I had to go on to the next path above which is rapidly diminishing as the weeds overgrow the path. Who takes care of these paths now we have a new council? Any ideas so we can get it cut back?

1 comment:

Lee said...

I added a note about this on the fixmystreet website, having made the same observation as yourself. The path has now been cut back along it's edges and is much easier to walk along.

Shame about the huge muddy puddles that still appear all along its length as soon as there is the slightest bit of rain though.

If the government is really serious about reducing the number of cars on the roads and encouraging us to walk/cycle to work, then this is exactly the type of footpath that they should be focusing on keeping in good order.