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Thursday 13 November 2008

Wulver to waste more money on Derby Docks

The Derby Docks estate, which has suffered from persistent problems with fly tipping and littering, is to benefit from new secure recycling and rubbish collection points, new fencing and pathways, tree planting and public seating areas. The work will transform the area. The area will get £130,000 to do all this with.

Local residents told us that they wanted things to change. This project will make that change, by creating places where tenants can walk, sit and chat. The move has been warmly welcomed by local people, and we're looking forward to seeing the plans brought to life."

This is what Wulvern Housing say on the matter but resident have a different view. For the past 6 year residents have been trying to get rid of the benches and trees planted on the Docks in the past as they have caused terrible problems from vandalism to drinking and drug taking.

Wulvern have not met with residents they may have asked their own tenants but have not consulted the wider area which will be effected by these bright ideas. As I am the chairman of the local residents I know we haven’t been asked and it directly effects us.

You can see from post on this site and on that all they are doing is creating even more problems for the area in the belief that they are doing good. The seats have been the main problem for years as the yobs and kids flock to the seats and collect there up to 40 at a time.

This has the effect of stopping people crossing the Dock for fear of being attacked. Several petitions have been signed to get the seats removed as residents were not consulted in the first place.

The bushes have had to be cut down recently as they were used by youths to hide the fact they were having drunken under age parties in them as the were then hidden from the Police. Again on this site we have reported how they made the area a no go area, and wrecked the play area and lighting.

We agree that all these things would be lovely in the right area and the yobs shouldn’t win and stop us enjoying these things. But the reality is the yobs are winning and these facilities will be abused and draw in even more drunks until the Police and others take some action on these trouble makers and stop wasting money on these silly schemes which if you look historically at the area you find they are a total waste of money

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