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Sunday 30 November 2008

Bike on the pavement the silent killers

The pictures shows a Autumn view of Victoria Ave with wonderful colours but the scene is marred by the bike on the pavement. The road is clear hardly a car in site yet the bikes still use the pavement. They are a absolute menace and the Chronicle has had a few letters published on complaints about bikes.

Its not just kids who do it but everyone now seems to think the can ride on the pavement most don’t care about people walking and zoom along at top speed and if the bash into you with straight handle bars that’s your ribs gone. The Police ride past and pay not attention if they see people on the pavement. It’s a menace for everyone but old people, disabled and young children are particularly at risk. I have been attacked when a pair of bikes bashed into me and the other day I saw an old man have to cover his body with a bag to prevent being hurt by a girl on a bike. All he got was a mouthful of abuse.
There is one idiot that goes across Derby Docks on an electric bike at full speed 25mph+ right past a young child’s play area and when dogs chase him he wonders why. It only take a toddler to step out from the play area or a mother with a baby and someone will die.
Its time the Police and Council took some action on this matter as it goes on all over the town but like everything else they will wait until someone is killed before anything is done.

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