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Monday 6 September 2021

Intelligence - Let Us Help To Sort Your Local Concerns

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Good afternoon,
This last month by working with members of our community, Haslington Police team for the Haslington and Rural Villages in Crewe East submitted 35 Intelligence Reports throughout August 2021.
So we would like to say a huge thank you for helping us. For anyone wondering how to work with us to make your local area safer, passing on intelligence is a great way, as it gives us an indication of what is happening in your area.
Intelligence can vary over topics such as the below :-
Drugs :-
- Can you see or smell anything unusual for your area?
- Are there people coming and going from a property or location, are they passing small or large packages that you believe are related to drugs?
-Are you smelling a constant smell of something suspicious?
-Have you seen fans or heat lights?
Child/Person Concern :-
-Have you seen a child who is not receiving the basic care that they should be receiving or have seen any concerning behaviour towards this child? (You should always call 999 for any immediate threat for a person at risk.)
Vehicle Crime :-
- Have you seen a vehicle being used in an anti-social manner?
-Are you aware of someone driving without insurance?
-Do you know of someone that drink drives?
Suspicious Activity :-
- Have you seen something out of the normal? (If possible please get the registration plate and description of the person/people involved.)
These are just examples of things that you may wish to email over on as intelligence if you have seen them. For anything requiring urgent attention, please always call 999 in emergencies and 101 to report anything else.
Thank you for your time and again thank you to everyone who has worked with us to make our local area safer by gathering information and intelligence.
Kind regards,
PCSO Lizzie Jolley 22582

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