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Wednesday 14 February 2018

British man Jim Matthews

British man Jim Matthews who fought AGAINST ISIS abroad is to be charged with terror offences by the Met Police. It is the first charge of its kind in the UK.

This is utter madness He was fighting AGAINST ISIS. ISIS is a death cult that wants to kill us. In the meantime Brits who fought WITH ISIS abroad are allowed back into the UK, where they are a potential threat to us and some are offered Social Housing The whole world has gone mad Stark raving mad

The Prime Minister has said use of drone strikes to kill UK citizens who fight FOR ISIS abroad was“necessary & proportionate”and that she would authorise such strikes in future.

So it's alright for the Government to kill UK jihadis abroad but if a Brit goes abroad and kills one he is thrown in the clink?

During the Second World War many Brits went to fight with French Resistance against the Nazis.

When they came back, if they did, they were treated like heroes They weren't thrown in prison This Tory Gov has totally left leave of its senses

UK is home to up to 35,000 fanatical Islamists. With 3,000 of them “worrying." And this stupid Tory Gov wants to lock up a man who went abroad to fight AGAINST ISIS Beyond belief Why isn't the Government locking up the jihadis in the UK? They really are a threat to us.

The 'For Britain Party' would not let ANY jihadis return to the UK. All the other parties would allow them to return. The other parties are putting the human rights of jihadis BEFORE the safety of us Brits.

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