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Friday 8 July 2011

Crime News

Please beware that we are still having a number of theft from vehicles happening within the Crewe, Nantwich, and Congleton Neighbourhood Policing Areas. There is no current pattern to them and they are spread out across the areas, they have mainly been occurring in the Crewe area.
On all occasions entry has been gained via insecure doors.  Please can you remind members of the importance of double checking that their vehicles are secure when left unattended.  The majority of us have good security on our vehicles but this is undermined when doors are left insecure and provides an opportunist thief with an easy entry point to take your items.  It is also important to remove items from show within your vehicle - even seemingly inexpensive items.  As well as items such as sat navs, cd's, money and tools, thieves have also been known to take items such as old coats, handfuls of loose change, sunglasses etc from vehicles.  If you have items such as lunch boxes wrapped in carrier bags or inexpensive items (such as a gym kit) in a rucksack it is also important to remove these.  You may know that the item in the bag is of no value but an opportunist thief may take the time to break in to see what is in the bag or rucksack.
CREWE - There have been a few burglaries over the last week one of which was through an insecure rear door taking numerous items of jewellery. Please can you remind your members to keep the house secure at all times as sneak in burglaries can happen at any time of the day and also take place when the home owner is inside.
There has also been a distraction burglary happen in the area of Crewe - the offender has stated that he has come to take an old television. The occupant has taken him through to the rear garden where he has told the occupant to wait - after 10minutes he hasnt returned and the occupant has gone back in to discover a missing bag. Unfortunately there is no description but this is being circulated so that your members can be made aware. If it can be reiterated that they only allow persons that they know into their address.
NANTWICH - There has also been a burglary in the Nantwich area, this has occurred during the night and entry was forced into the house and items were taken. Please can members be alerted to if they see anything unusual or suspicious to contact Cheshire Police on 0845 458 0000 or if a crime is taking place then to call 999.
CONGLETON - There has been one incident in Middlewich where during a morning period a van being used by workmen has had a Styll Strimmer removed from the van, the workmen were working close by and so the van had been left insecure.
Also we have had an incident in Sandbach where a member of public on a supermarket carpark has had a Debit card stolen. This was taken by a male and a female. The male has distracted her by stating that she had dropped £20 on the floor - when the female has checked her purse it is believed that the female has then taken her debit card.
The male is described as: Male described as having a Mediterranean 'golden' complexion and 'handsome'

- 35 yrs old 5'10 - 5'11 12 stone - Dark Hair slightly curly - dark
coloured eyes and white teeth. Wearing a light coloured suit.
Please can you all make your members aware and ask them to pay extra attention when using their cards and to make sure that they cover their PIN number. It is believed that these teams work all across the country and they tend to travel out of their home area. A large amount of money was taken so they have clearly witnessed the PIN. The teams have also been known to try and distract people when they are putting shopping in the car as a handbag etc may be in a different part of the car - it is recommended to keep all valuables with you.

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