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Sunday 17 July 2011

Crime News

Please can I make you aware of a recent distraction burglary that has taken place on the 12th July in the Crewe area.  I am circulating this to all coordinators in Crewe as I would like everyone to be aware of this and make neighbours/family members aware, particularly if you know people who may be more vulnerable to this type of crime.  It is worth being mindful that these types of crime can happen over the whole area and people who operate in this crime often operate during daylight hours.  As such if people see any suspicious behaviour in relation to people knocking on doors and loitering in an area please make the police aware via 0845 458 0000.
A male has posed at an address to be a member of the waterboard. The male has asked the victim to go upstairs and run the taps - whilst the victim has been doind this a large amount of cash was taken.

Please remember the Waterboard doesn't exist, it is United Utilities. Please also remember to ask for identification of anyone who calls at your house unannounced. A genuine caller will not mind waiting on the doorstep with the door closed while you check with the company they purport to work for that they are a bona fide representative. If you are still not happy, call the police.

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