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Thursday 3 June 2010

Local Officer Takes Over at Crewe

Keeping policing local will come naturally to Inspector Andrew Smith, who has taken charge of Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Unit.

Andrew is a “Crewe Lad”, who was born and grew up in the town.
“To take over here, working with people I know and serving the community I know is really about as good as it gets,” he says.

He believes the local approach to policing will be even more prominent in Crewe as recent changes in the Cheshire Police Eastern Area structure take effect.
Response officers have been integrated into the Neighbourhood Policing Teams, meaning that officers turning out to emergency incidents will have more “background” knowledge.

“This should be useful in a lot of cases,” says Andrew Smith. “For instance an incident of disorder or damage may be part of a pattern of anti social behaviour in that street or on that estate. If the officer is already aware of that, it could make a real difference to the way the incident is handled.

“The changes will add even more strength to neighbourhood policing, which has embedded itself really well in Cheshire,” he says. “It is all about local officers tackling local issues. Over the past five years that approach has driven down crime and disorder year-on-year and we believe people’s confidence in the work we and our partner agencies do is steadily being built up.

“In this Neighbourhood Policing Unit we have three Neighbourhood Policing Teams to cover Crewe, Haslington and Shavington. All the Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers are aware that a high profile is important. They make a point of being seen and getting to know as many people in the local community as possible.
“They know that as well as keeping people safe they need to make sure people feel safe.”

Andrew Smith joined Cheshire Police in 1994 and served six years in Warrington before moving to Congleton to become a Patrol Sergeant.
Between 2002 and 2007 he served at Cheshire Police headquarters and at Northwich, where he was a sergeant in the Neighbourhood Policing Unit. In 2007 he moved to Crewe as an Inspector with the Targeted Patrol Teams. He remained in that role until taking up his new post.

Crewe & Nantwich News

More Strength to Neighbourhood Policing The Cheshire Police Eastern Area Commander says he is confident changes to the Area’s structure will provide a more responsive policing service that is resilient and flexible. The new look is based on Targeted Patrol Team officers being integrated into Neighbourhood Policing Teams to carry out locally-based response work. Chief Superintendent Mick Garrihy said, “The local team now responds to emergency calls for service and response officers have a detailed knowledge of local issues, hot-spot locations and repeat offenders. It avoids silo working and strengthens the neighbourhood policing model which is so successful.” Changes also include a new unit to police the roads and prevent their use by criminals.

Change at Crewe Inspector Andrew Smith, who has taken charge of Crewe Neighbourhood Policing Unit says bedding down the changes will be a key part of his new role. He intends the Neighbourhood Policing Teams in Crewe, Haslington and Shavington will be even more visible as they continue tackling anti social behaviour and crimes which affect the local communities. “Neighbourhood Policing has already come a long way. We want to strengthen it and move it on to the next stage,” he says.

Five Year Pub Ban A thirty years old man from Crewe has been barred from every pub, bar, club and licensed restaurant in Crewe and Nantwich for five years as part of an Anti Social Behaviour Order. The application for the order was brought by Cheshire Police, supported by Cheshire East Council. Sergeant Christian Watkins said, “This man has been subject to a Pub Watch ban for eight years but repeatedly tried to ignore it. When staff refuse to serve him he becomes aggressive and threatening. If he does that now he will be arrested and face further action in the courts.”

Red Card Warning Officers from Cheshire Police Eastern Area warned they will take a firm line against disorder in pubs during the World Cup. Chief Inspector Paul Carroll said, “People who go to watch the matches in a pub have the right to enjoy the event. Anyone who uses it as an excuse for excessive drinking and then starts to be abusive will find Police Officers appear very quickly.” Cheshire Police and partner agencies also used the run-up to the World Cup to launch a campaign highlighting the support available to victims of domestic abuse. Chief Inspector Carroll said, “Because of increased drinking domestic violence can increase during events like this. We hope that this campaign reinforces the all year round message that domestic abuse in any form is not acceptable.”

Mini Motos Seized at Crewe Police Officers have begun special under cover patrols to seize mini motos being used illegally on the “Joey the Swan” recreation area at Crewe. Constable Dan Sambrook said, “The bikes are a real danger to people, especially children and old people, who are using the park properly. We are carrying out plain clothes patrols on push bikes to catch these young riders.” Three mini motos were seized in the first week. They are all likely to go to the crusher.

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